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The Haworthia

Posted by Maria Luisa Strippoli on

The species of Haworthia belong to the Aloaceae family, and are very similar to Gasteria, with which they share their places of origin, the gravelly and rocky deserts and arid woods of southern Africa.

They are succulent plants with leaves, without stems: in particular, the Hawortia they have dense leaves, arranged in a spiral, in several rows or imbricate, that is, arranged like the tiles of a roof; they are of different lengths, often pointed at the ends, serrated or lashed on the outer edge. The Gasteria, on the contrary, they should always have smooth edges, but the increasing presence of intergeneric hybrids makes this distinction fall a little.

The little ornamental flowers are arranged in inflorescences and are pale pink.

Even if they like a bright environment, it is still advisable not to place them Haworthia in full sun. In winter it can reach a temperature of about 12 ° C, drastically reducing watering. However, they are able to withstand even the normal temperatures of an apartment. For the rest of the year they should be watered abundantly when the soil tends to be completely dry.

A good soil for succulents is used as a substrate, rich in organic substance, to which a little inert can be added to improve drainage: the worst enemies of these plants are water stagnation, which can give rise to localized rot or generalized.

The Hawortia they must be repotted when the plant has almost completely filled the pot, without however increasing the size of the container too much.


Curiosity: The name of the genus is honored to the botanist and entomologist Adrian Hardy Haworth. Like the Gasteria, multiply by detaching the suckers or with leaf cuttings.

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