spedizioni gratuitedal lunedì al venerdì in tutta italia

Who We Are

Casita Hermosa is a brand created with the aim of marketing plants of the highest quality cultivated in Italy and for the realization of projects closely connected to the world of green and eco-compatible.

Inside the new shop, you can discover different types of green and flowering tropical plants, from inside and outside from succulent compositions to unique specimens, combined in terracotta pots, ceramics, with design that are well presented as solutions for decorating small and large spaces.

All our plants are grown here in Italy and require very simple care at everyone's reach. It will therefore be sufficient to devote a few minutes to each plant, taking into account our advice that you can consult in the section FAQ or in our blog.

Casita Hermosa, is a physical space that is also proposed as exclusive location for the organization of events, being within an unusual frame, i.e. that of a glass greenhouse, furnished by unusual green creations that give the environments a unique atmosphere.

In addition to online sales, we also provide rental unique specimens of plants, ready to furnish your space, on the occasion of a sought-after party, convention or any other event to which you would like to give a touch of elegance and beauty.

Finally, design and implement areas that want to dress in green, for example through the construction of vertical gardens, thought gardens, the furnishing of halls and in general, indoor and outdoor environments.

Casita Hermosa... let yourself be inspired!