spedizioni gratuitedal lunedì al venerdì in tutta italia


You can pay for your order in several ways:

Credit cards 
Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards are accepted

PayPal  This online payment system allows you to pay easily, quickly and in a secure payment environment.

Google Pay it's a quick and easy way to pay on sites, in apps and in stores using the cards saved in your Google account. Google Pay protects your payment information with multiple layers of security and allows you to make payments, save tickets and receive rewards with ease, all in one account.

Amazon Pay Many people in Italy use Amazon Pay to make payments on tens of thousands of sites around the world with their Amazon account. Among the payment services it is also possible to make charitable donations. In both cases, you can count on a shopping experience you know: no new account to create, no personal information to type and no security concerns.
Bank transfer